I am Andrew Berry, 20, single, from Liverpool (well, Rainhill) but people don't know where that is O.o It is in England!
I never have anything interesting to put into these info box thingies...
Hmm... I got stuck in a baby swing in 2010.
Yeah, that'll do :D

Come and bond with me over a mutual hatred.

Things I like:
Spongebob!! Photography, PS3 and PC games, going for walks expecially in the rain, (trying) to play the guitar, Thunder+Lightning storms and being with friends. Metal. Rock. Classical.

Things I don't like:
People that instantly judge you off one bit of information, pointless overcast weather ¬_¬" and people that just wont accept that they are the best and AHHHHHHH

Bullet For My Valentine,Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Slipknot, Trivium, Simple Plan, (Early) My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, Machine Head. And lots of other stuff :D

Have a hug :D


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